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[FREYCINET; ABORIGINES] Nouvelle-Holland; Port Jac

Circa: 1840
Price: $18,000
[Anon., after PELLION, Alphonse; LEROY, Sebastien; FORGET, E.; BOISSEAU, Jacques Messidor] # 2442 Circa 1840. Watercolour on paper, 620 x 510 mm (sheet), manuscript caption in watercolour in German at upper margin NEU-HOLLAENDER. PORT JACKSON, manuscript caption in ink in German lower left: Nach Freycinet, Voy. aut. du monde bl. 102. VIII. Homo australasicus. Bory. In fine condition. This mid-nineteenth century work by an anonymous German artist is after plate 102 in Louis de Freycinet's Voyage autour du monde. Atlas historique (circa 1825), an image engraved by Forget and Boisseau after a drawing by Sebastien Leroy, who in turn had worked from original sketches made by Alphonse Pellion on the voyage of the Uranie in 1819. The name Bory at the end of the small inscription is a misleading reference (or erroneous attribution of the work) to Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent, the naturalist who sailed on Baudin's 1800-1803 voyage - not Freycinet's later voyage in the Uranie.