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President's Message

Jolyon Warwick James, President, Australian Antique Dealers Association Welcome to the website of the Australian Art and Antiques Dealer’s Association (AAADA). We hope it will help you find the dealer your want, the item you are seeking, the advice you need or the information required. The site includes a list of members with their contact details, their areas of expertise and images of some of their works for sale. There is a list of our approved service providers – restorers, repairers, shippers, insurers, publishers and many other useful adjuncts to the trade. You will also find AAADA news and information about events such as our annual antique and art fairs and educational programs.

The association is Australia-wide and our 130 members represent a remarkable diversity of talents within the antiques and art trade. Many businesses go back a long way and several stretch back three generations. We uphold a high level of excellence and you will find our Code of practice on the home page of this site.

For some people, old objects are a connection with the past. Others regard them as living history. People buy for the "pride of possession", or simply to be living with beautiful things. Some invest in antiques and art. But whether it is an old Dutch oil painting, Chinese ceramic vase or an Australian cedar sideboard, these things all have one thing in common. They are, "green". They are part of the vital recycling process. They are environmentally as well as intellectually and emotionally rewarding.

The AAADA focus is on art, beauty and craftsmanship and a number of our members deal in more contemporary objects. Here, it is the artistic merit of the work that is important – as well as the skill in creation. The old and the new go well together if you are decorating your home or office.

The Association welcomes new members. There are minimum requirements for entry and we are proud to say that we have interviewed all members and examined their knowledge of their field. We also require knowledge of regulations and laws governing trading. The Association runs "in house" seminars to update dealers on such matters.

Our members regularly work with museums and galleries across Australia and overseas, both in private an public sector. Many are involved in research and publish reference books and write for journals and periodicals.

The AAADA is well connected locally and internationally. It was a leader in the formation of the Australian Antiques and Art Market Federation (AAAMF). This body provides a communication network and unified voice for the leading art and antiques organisations in Australia. The AAADA is also a member of CINOA, the worldwide body of similar associations.

I believe the AAADA is very well placed to help you. You will find most answers to your questions on this website. If not, please contact us. In fact our members would love to hear from you anyway!

Jolyon Warwick James