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Workshops and Seminars


9th October
Anne Schofield
'Jewels on Queen – a memoir of Anne Schofield's 45 years in antique jewellery'
Anne Schofield Antiques
36 Queen Street, Woollahra, 2025
Tel: 02 9363 1326
16th October
Vincent & Christopher Day
'The Lindsay Brothers – the works of Norman and Lionel Lindsay'
Christopher Day Gallery
Cnr. Windsor & Paddington Sts, Paddington, 2021
Tel: 02 9326 1952
23rd October
Martyn Cook
'The David Roche Foundation Collection'
Martyn Cook Antiques
98 Barcom Avenue, Rushcutter's Bay, 2011
Tel: 02 9328 1801
30th October
Ben Stoner
'Antique Furniture – construction laid bare'
Ben Stoner Antiques
24 Queen St, Chippendale, 2008
Tel: 02 9699 6166
6th November
Victoria Greene
'Pin Interest – how brooches and pins through the centuries express personality and style'
Michael Greene Antiques
86 Queen St, Woollahra, 2025
Tel: 02 9328 1712
13th November
Jolyon Warwick James
'Silver – I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Bring along two items of silver and find out what to look for in silver'
Martyn Cook Antiques
98 Barcom Ave, Rushcutter's Bay, 2011
Tel: 02 9328 1801 or Mob: 0412 042 155
20th November
Alan Landis
'Royal Worcester 1862 – 1932 – including special Australian commissions'
Grafton Galleries
15 Boundary Street, Rushcutter's Bay, 2011
Tel: 0414 703 759
27th November
Hartley Cook
'Chippendale to William IV – a look at furniture styles'
Grafton Galleries
15 Boundary St, Rushcutter's Bay, 2011
Tel: 02 9361 3567